Active principle

Through the new micro cleaning process with pure ultrasound* within the emmi-dent ultrasonic brush.

The emmi-dent ultrasonic brush for maximal effect after dental cleaning

The ultrasonic brush emmi-dent with its elaborated technique and new active principle reaches a totally new level of usage. The new micro cleaning process with ultrasound reaches up to 96 million air oscillation per minute. Manual cleaning processes use the macro cleaning method and a mechanical movement with 20.000 up to 30.000 vibrations per minute. The new motionless and almost contactless ultrasonic technology has the advantage in comparison to normal brushes that it reaches everywhere. It is also recommended for people with braces and carriers of implants.

The coverage of costs by statutory medical insurances differs between insurance companies in each country. We recommend contacting your medical insurance company regarding the coverage of costs upfront. 

Good vibrations for perfectly clean teeth

The commonly offered toohbrush works with a macro cleaning process. This means that a user has to additionally scrub to efficiently achieve a clean result. The electric brush with integrated ultrasound technology in contrast works without brushing. The energy comes from the small rechargeable battery inside the hand piece. This energy in converted into non harmful ultrasound waves. These waves have up to 96 million air oscillation per minute. The air oscillations will be transferred through the head piece, the special tooth paste and also the saliva onto the teeth, gum, maxilla and tongue. The released nano bubbles then implode small particle such as food or sugary particles, tartar and bacteria in all small areas.

Dentists used the ultrasonic technique very successful for many years for professional tooth cleaning. They use a “hard” ultrasound with a low frequency but high power and with help of a metal point is transmitted on to the tooth. The emmi-dent brush on the other hand works with a micro cleaning process that creates “soft” ultrasound waves with high frequency but low power. These waves are transmitted via the bristles of the brush which creates billions of nano bubbles while brushing. This way a perfect oral care from your home is possible.

“Dental cleaning with ultrasonic technique is a modern, very successfully method to keep a perfectly clean oral hygiene. The technology is also recommended for implant carriers to achieve/keep a clean environment inside the oral cavity. For this reason our company, only uses ultrasonic technology. And this with phenomenal Results. “

Dr. Roland Streckbein Head of Institute of implantation in Limburg and der Lahn. (Leiter des Instituts für zahnärztliche Implantologie (IZI) in Limburg an der Lahn)

Daily prophylaxis and tooth cleaning for everybody.

Although the number of dental offices in Germany increased the number of periodontal inflammation hasn’t gone back. On the contrary the number grew disproportionate. This was published by the forth German Oral Health Study (DMS IV). Because of this fact it’s very important to keep a proper prophylaxis to prevent periodontal diseases. This is only possible through daily oral care. This is guaranteed with the emmi-dent brush.

The different ways of dental cleaning

All commonly known brushes use the scrubbing system, which means that hard bristles use abrasive friction and can, depending on usage, harm the upper enamel of the tooth. On the other hand often high pressure is needed to remove particles in places easily to reach. These features are not needed with the ultrasonic technology. This uses ultrasonic waves which create nano bubbles with help of the special designed toothpaste. These bubbles will implode particles in all spaces, even those hard to reach. All these features are given without a mechanical process or pressure. The emmi-dent brush will offer you all these advantages without any great effort. It is also recommended for implant carriers.