emmi®-dent Ultrasonic toothbrush - Platinum Blue Stock Kit

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    • Up to 96 million multi-frequency vibrations/minute
    • 15 days battery power (2x3 minutes daily)
    • Acoustic & haptic position change signal (6 seconds)
    • Contacts with 4-pin system
    • Ultrasonic toothbrush in blue with ultrasonic toothpaste - Fresh

More information about the product emmi®-dent Ultrasonic toothbrush - Platinum Blue Stock Kit

"Ultrasonic toothbrush - Platinum Blue Stock Kit"

emmi®-dent Platinum Blue Stock Kit
emmi®-dent Platinum - The flagship of our dental series

For the first time in the history of the human species, emmi®-dent it is possible to brush teeth without mechanical moves! Don't scrub away your important enamel, just hold the brush head to your teeth and the ultrasound will do the rest for you. Healthy and bright white teeth are the result of our patented technology. The abrasion-free application prevents damage to the teeth and gums.

Now with extended delivery: Now with extended scope of delivery: With immediate effect you will get 2 more emmi®-dent attachments + 5 emmi®-dent toothpaste Fresh + 5 emmi®-dent dental floss and 1 Mira-2-Ton - tooth dyeing tablets in addition!

emmi®-dent PM2 attachments can be used for daily normal use as well as for brace holders due to their special shape.Detailed conclusions regarding the use of our emmi®-dent toothbrushes with braces can be found in the clinical study which was published by ORMED - Institute for Oral Medicine at the University of Witten/ Herdecke in 2018: STUDY 2018

The Mira 2-tone tooth coloring tablet shows old and new plaque in different colors so you can easily clean them away and reach an optimal result.

With our Stock Kit you are fully cared for for half a year.

Features emmi®-dent Platinum:

  • Ultrasonic dental care with up to 96 million air oscillations
  • Effective"non-brushing" removal of plaque and stains
  • Ideal for sensitive gums and teeth
  • Highly recommended for people wearing braces or prothesis
  • State-of-the-art ultrasonic attachment with 4 contacts-pin
  • Optimum control of cleaning time by smart haptic timer sound
  • Safe monitoring of charging status by 3-color LED technology
  • Battery-Save System - Timer for automatic switch-off after 6 minutes
  • State-of-the-art lithium battery for prolonged use. Battery time is up to 15 days for daily use during 2 x 3 minutes

Please note: The only ultrasonic attachments suitable for the emmi®-dent Platinum are emmi®-dent M2 / M4 / S2 / S4 and PM2. Article No. 65107 / 65108 / 65110 / 65111 / 65123.

emmi®-dent Platinum - The premium model for your dental cleaning with 100% original ultrasound.

Content emmi®dent Platinum Basic Set Blue:

  • 1 emmi®-dent Platinum Handpiece - Blue
  • 1 emmi®-dent Platinum ultrasound attachment for adults
  • 1 emmi® type 100-240B charging station
  • 1 emmi®-dent Ultrasonic Toothpaste Fresh - 75ml

Additional scope of delivery for you :

  • 2 emmi®-dent PM2 Attachments
  • 1 Mira-2-Tone - Dyeing Tablet for Teeth
  • 5 emmi®-dent Dental Floss
  • 5 emmi®-dent Ultrasonic Toothpaste Fresh - 75ml


Ingredients emmi®-dent Fresh

  • Water
  • Hydrated Silica
  • Sorbitol
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Tetraprotassium Pyrophosphate
  • Xanthan Gum
  • Sodium C14-16 Olefin Sulfonate
  • Mentha Arvensis Leaf Oil – Aroma
  • Sodium Fluoride
  • CI 77891 (Titanium Dioxide)
  • Sodium Saccharin
  • Allantoin
  • Chamomilla Recutita Flower Extract
  • Salvia Triloba Leaf Extract – Aroma
  • Sodium Methylparaben

emmi®-dent Fresh contains no gluten, nanomaterials or microplastics.

AROMA-percentage: > 1% < 5% / FLUORIDE: < 0,1% / MENTHA ARVENSIS LEAF OIL: > 1% < 5%

No toothbrush ever gave me such a clean feeling in my mouth. I don't want to miss this long-lasting effect anymore, just great!
-Sophia M.

After using the emmi-dent for a few days, my teeth have become healthier and whiter! The product is just awesome!!!
- Florian G.

As a beginner, I used the emmi-dent Metallic for 6 months and achieved great results. With the Platinum Model my teeth have improved again. The gums look healthy and my teeth have become whiter. With bleaching I probably could have achieved the same result, but with the toothbrush it happens naturally.
- Marc N.

As the price suggests, we actually have two ultrasonic toothbrushes, which could not be better manufactured. The material is extremely high quality. The handpiece fits perfectly in the hand and offers a fantastic feel. The first use worked perfectly. During the second cleaning process I was able to switch off the vibration very easily. The professional timer signals every 6 seconds that I should sound the next tooth section. Even with this function, the ultrasonic toothbrush is very easy to use.

- Torben T.


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