Emmi-Nail Galaxy UV/LED-Lichthärtungsgerät Light Pearl

emmi Emmi-Nail Galaxy UV/LED Light Pearl Curing Unit

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    • Stylish design in pearl effect
    • 30 High-quality UV-LEDs
    • "Autostart sensor" for 120 seconds
    • Timer 5, 30, 60 seconds
    • Removable base plate
    • automatic blower
    • Curing of all Emmi-Nail UV and LED gels

More information about the product emmi Emmi-Nail Galaxy UV/LED Light Pearl Curing Unit

"Emmi-Nail Galaxy UV/LED Light Pearl Curing Unit"

The Emmi®-Nail Galaxy Light UV/LED light curing unit Light Pearl with stylish design in mother-of-pearl effect guarantees the curing of your nail modellage in the shortest possible time. Thanks to the modern technology of the UV/LED unit and the 30 high-quality UV LEDs, all Emmi-Nail UV and LED gels and UV varnishes cure at 365-405 nm, allowing you to cure your nail design quickly and conveniently. Depending on the type and texture, complete curing is guaranteed after 30 or 60 seconds.

Activate the unit with the light barrier for 120 seconds or select one of the three times (5, 30, 60 seconds) for the on-time of the unit. This way, you always have the right curing time for every application, from highly opaque colour gels to Sealing&Shine.The illuminated interior provides comfortable space for the hand and all nails, including the thumb, are perfectly illuminated, even with stiletto nails.

The compact size ensures comfortable handling even in small nail studios. In combination with our High-Gloss Cleaner, sealing gels get a brilliant shine.

The removable base plate ensures easy cleaning and disinfection even after application on the foot. Bring even more hygiene into your studio and protect the base plate from gel residues: the universal hand trays fit into any Emmi®-Nail light curing unit and can be disinfected and reused after modelling.

 Technical data:

    - Dimension: 150 x 200 x 85mm
    - Time setting: 5 / 30 / 60 sec.
    - "Autostart sensor" for 120 sec.
    - Power supply: 230V 50/60Hz
    - Power: 30 High-Quality UV-LED's
    - 365 - 405 nm (UV/LED)
    - Protection class: IP20 (warning symbol)
    - Power: 36 Watt
    - 24 months manufacturer's warranty on the unit, not on the lamps
    - Manufacturer EMAG AG is DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 certified



  • 1x Emmi®-Nail Galaxy UV/LED Light Pearl Curing Unit

Super. The light curing unit with 36 W is the best thing that could have happened to me. My last two light curing units broke too quickly or the light no longer went on, but the light curing unit from Emmi Mail lasts for years. You don't have to worry about buying a new one anymore, I recommend it.
 - Elena S.

The best device. Seconds fast.....A dream....Super price....
I can only recommend it.
 - Silvia H.

The best device for me. I can only recommend it. Hardens some emmi colour gels even after 20 seconds. Great part!
 - Melissa F.

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