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emmi Emmi-Nail Shellac UV/LED Varnish Nude 2 -L082-

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    • medium viscosity
    • Shelf life up to 28 days
    • high covering power
    • long-lasting gloss
    • scratch and impact resistant
    • vegan
    • Content: 15ml

More information about the product emmi Emmi-Nail Shellac UV/LED Varnish Nude 2 -L082-

"Emmi-Nail Shellac UV/LED Varnish Nude 2 -L082-"

The light blue UV polish gives you an elegant, natural look and exclusive shine on your nails for up to 3 weeks. The medium viscosity makes it easy to apply like nail polish and lasts without splitting or scratching. The thin layers feel pleasantly light and natural on the nail.

With the Emmi®-Nail UV varnish, you can conjure up a rich colour and a stable natural nail enhancement in no time at all. The base/top coat and the UV colour varnish are applied individually and cured in the light-curing unit.

They are removed without tedious and time-consuming filing, but simply with the remover liquid. This saves you time and money and makes every new and long-lasting colour look a wellness experience for your client.


Application: (Make sure you are not exposed to sunlight during application).

prepare your natural nail as usual. Push back your cuticles with a rosewood stick or metal spatula and remove your cuticles with cuticle scissors or cuticle nippers. File your free nail end into shape, then matt the nail with a buffer. 2.

Then apply the UV base/top coat. It is important to coat the free end of the nail and apply the UV base/top coat in three brush strokes (centre/right/left).

Curing time: 120 seconds in UV or UV/LED light curing units. 3.

The first colour coat with Shellac serves as a primer; the colour is only applied opaquely with the second coat, also in three brush strokes. Here, too, we point out that it is necessary to coat the free end of the nail.

➠ Curing time: 120sec. in UV units or 60sec. UV/LED light curing units.

the lacquer is also sealed with the UV lacquer Base/Top Coat. Apply it in three brush strokes, as in the previous steps.

Curing time: 120 sec. in UV or UV/LED light curing equipment

Finally, remove the inhibition layer with a cellophane and our High-Gloss Cleaner.


Peel off:

1. roughen the lacquer with a buffer/buffer file until it is no longer shiny. CAUTION: Please only roughen the lacquer, not the natural nails. Soak a Remover Wrap with the Remover. Wrap the nail with the wrap and leave the remover on for 8 minutes. For better hold, clasp the wrap with our Remover Clips. For better removal, hold your nails in your light curing unit during the exposure time.


Pour some Remover into a manicure bowl and dip your nails in. Leave the remover to work for about 3 minutes, then carefully try to loosen the lacquer layer with a rosewood stick. If the layer does not come off, leave the remover on for another minute.

Please note that the Remover should not be left on for longer than 10 minutes.

Contents: 15ml


  • 1x Emmi®-Nail Shellac UV/LED Varnish Nude 2 -L082-- 15ml
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