emmi® XXL Ultrasonic Nebuliser

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    • Use only with distilled water! 
    • Practical 3-in-1 device with ultrasonic technology.
    • Cools and refreshes the room air
    • Clear control panel
    • Adjustable mist levels (little to much)
    • With ice cubes in the water tank, the low-cost alternative to air conditioning

More information about the product emmi® XXL Ultrasonic Nebuliser

"XXL Ultrasonic Nebuliser"

emmi®- XXL ultrasonic nebuliser

The practical 3-in-1 device: The standing fan with integrated ultrasonic nebuliser offers the perfect cooling for the summer in combination with ice cubes. It is equipped with a clear control panel for easy handling.
Enjoy the world's cheapest "air conditioning" with the XXL room nebuliser.

When the temperatures reach tropical heights, your rooms will also be heated up. With our emmi®- XXL ultrasonic nebuliser. The switchable ultrasonic nebuliser provides a cooling relief in the living room or bedroom. From a water tank with ice cubes, it evaporates cool water into the air stream over a period of hours. In the process, the heat in the room is extracted and thus cooled in an environmentally friendly and economical way for pleasant refreshment.
The quality features of the emmi®- XXL ultrasonic nebuliser.
- Built-in ultrasound generator
- Cools, disinfects and refreshes the room air
- Adjustable intensity of the spray mist
- 4 speed settings: low, medium, high speed and stop
- Timer with 6 preset times (10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 minutes)
- Switchable rotation function
- Clear control panel
- Adjustable mist levels (low to high)
- Volume: 2.5 litres

You want to optimise the function of the emmi®- XXL ultrasonic nebuliser even further?
Use our emmi®-Air room air concentrates to transform your rooms into fragrant oases.
The water-soluble room fresheners are ideal for use with the emmi®- Ultrasonic XXL Room nebuliser or the emmi®-Air Ionic Air Purifier.
- The Citrus & Green Tea room freshener is refreshing, aromatic, invigorating, motivating, soothes your soul and creates an intense atmosphere of well-being.
- The Gardenia room freshener, on the other hand, is effective against restlessness, headaches, insomnia, anxiety, depression or stress.
- The Lavender room freshener, on the other hand, has a refreshing, invigorating, calming, anxiety-relieving and mood-lifting effect. In addition, the medicinal plant is also recommended for restlessness, problems falling asleep or depressive moods. It can also be used to ward off mosquitoes and other insects.


  • 1x Emmi®-XXL Ultrasonic Nebuliser


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