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Water Flosser

  • Simple and effective cleaning of the spaces between teeth
  • Reach hard-to-reach places
  • 4 different intensity levels


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Product number: 18026
Water Flosser

Tooth floss too annoying?

The oral irrigator from emmi-dent effectively removes food debris and plaque from between the teeth. The gentle yet powerful water jet ensures the best possible mouth rinse.

For daily oral hygiene

With regular use, the oral irrigator helps to prevent tooth decay, gingivitis and bad breath.

4 effective cleaning modes

Pulse, gentle, normal and strong - choose the water pressure that suits your teeth and gums. Normal mode provides an efficient water jet for daily tooth rinsing in the morning and evening. Soft mode ensures gentle yet effective cleaning.

Braces or implants? No problem!

We have the perfect attachment nozzle for every application! With the four nozzle attachments supplied, you have the right nozzle to hand for every cleaning job. Whether braces, bridges or implants, the oral irrigator is ideal for removing deposits in interdental spaces or other hard-to-reach areas.

Easy to use, waterproof and mobile

The oral irrigator is waterproof to IPX7 and can be used at home or when travelling. The integrated 300 ml tank can be easily removed for cleaning. The nozzle can also be easily removed to replace the attachments.

Healthy and well-groomed teeth with the emmi-dent oral irrigator

To clean the spaces between your teeth thoroughly and effectively, brushing your teeth alone is often not enough. The emmi-dent oral irrigator was developed specifically for gentle cleaning of the gaps. To protect against gum problems - where conventional toothbrushes cannot reach. Compared to dental floss, the emmi-dent oral irrigator offers perfect cleaning even for crowded teeth or difficult-to-reach spaces between teeth. The device has four modes: pulse, gentle, normal and strong. With the four nozzle attachments included, you have the right nozzle at hand for every cleaning. We recommend replacing the nozzles every 3 months.

The emmi-dent oral irrigator is extremely versatile and offers a wide range of applications to support comprehensive oral hygiene:

Between the teeth:
The oral irrigator is ideal for thoroughly and effectively cleaning the spaces between the teeth where conventional tooth brushing is often not sufficient. It removes food particles and plaque that can accumulate there.

Braces and implants:  
The oral irrigator is particularly valuable for people with braces, bridges or implants. It reaches hard-to-reach areas and removes debris around braces and implants.

Sensitive gums:
The gentle cleaning modes of the oral irrigator are ideal for people with sensitive gums. It offers thorough cleaning without putting any strain on the gums.

Periodontal pockets:
The special nozzle attachments of the oral irrigator can be used to clean periodontal pockets. They help remove bacteria from deeper areas of the gums.

Fresh breath:  
The oral irrigator can help reduce bacteria on the tongue that can cause bad breath. This leads to a long-lasting fresh feeling of breathing.

Massage of the gums:
Thanks to the gentle jet of water, the oral irrigator massages the gums pleasantly, which promotes blood circulation and contributes to gum health.

Effective plaque removal:  
The different cleaning modes make it possible to effectively remove plaque, reducing the risk of gum disease and tooth decay.

Cleaning the surface of the tongue:
A special nozzle attachment can be used to clean the surface of the tongue and thus combat bad breath.


Nozzle attachments:

Basic attachment:

  1. Suitable for daily teeth cleaning, more effective than dental floss, healthier for the gums.
  2. Ultrafine pulse water column, penetrates deep into the gaps between teeth, grooves and lower gums.
  3. Cleans the tooth surface and removes food residue.

Brace attachment:

  1. Suitable for cleaning braces or other dental equipment.
  2. The attachment is designed to remove hidden bacteria, accumulations, as well as soft dirt and food residue.
  3. Suitable for daily dental care.

Gum pocket attachment:

  1. Suitable for periodontal pocket cleaning, injected into certain areas below the Gum space.
  2. The pulse water column penetrates deep into the periodontal pocket/subgingival area.
  3. The fine soft nozzle can remove the harmful bacteria in the periodontal pocket/6-7mm below the gums.
  4. The pulsating water flow pleasantly massages the gums.

Tongue cleaner attachment:

  1. Suitable for cleaning the surface of the tongue and helpful against bad breath.
  2. Arc-shaped design that adapts to the shape of the tongue coating and covers the shape of the outer tongue.
  3. Effective against food residue and bacteria on the surface of the tongue.

According to scientific studies, people around the age of 30 are particularly susceptible to the formation of tooth decay in the spaces between their teeth. This is where plaque and food residues tend to accumulate, which cannot be completely removed during daily oral hygiene with a conventional toothbrush alone - for a slightly different kind of teeth cleaning, get our emmi-dent ultrasonic toothbrush. The acids produced by plaque bacteria attack tooth enamel. This damages the tooth and leads to harmful tooth decay.

For the spaces between your teeth, use the emmi-dent oral irrigator to clean them thoroughly.

Product type: Supplementary dental care

Scope of delivery

  • 1x emmi-dent water flosser
  • 4x emmi-dent Nozzles (basic, gingival pocket, braces and tongue cleaner nozzle)
  • 1x emmi-dent USB-C charging cable

  1. Please use water or a neutral cleaning agent to clean the unit. Do not use corrosive or abrasive cleaning agents as they may damage the unit. Do not use hot water above 40°C.
  2. Do not immerse the unit in water, but wipe it with a dry or damp cloth.
  3. It is recommended to replace the nozzles every 3 months.

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sehr gut und ich Effektivität, komfort,

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emmi-dent oral irrigator as a supplement to perfect oral hygiene

Brushing your teeth in the bathroom in the evening, looking in the mirror reveals your tiredness. Now there's the awkward and sometimes painful flossing - a ritual that many people will never get used to. But there is an alternative: the emmi-dent oral irrigator, which revolutionizes teeth cleaning - quickly, comfortably and effectively. This makes the cumbersome handling of dental floss obsolete.

Regularly cleaning your teeth with a suitable toothbrush and toothpaste lays the foundation for dental health. The addition of an oral irrigator also helps protect against tooth decay, gum inflammation and bad breath. The electric oral irrigator from emmi-dent offers a pleasant alternative to dental floss and is characterized by its high effectiveness. In particular, it supports the thorough cleaning of the spaces between the teeth from food residues and deposits. Oral irrigators are therefore an indispensable element for comprehensive oral hygiene. The feeling of immaculately clean teeth is truly incomparable.

The best oral irrigator for clean spaces between teeth

Careful teeth cleaning with an ultrasonic toothbrush delivers excellent results both in the morning and in the evening. However, spaces between teeth, where food particles and bacteria can accumulate, which promote the formation of plaque and tooth decay, are often neglected. The use of an oral irrigator is therefore recommended as a supplement to daily dental care.

What exactly is an oral irrigator and how does it work? An oral irrigator is an electronic device that uses a targeted jet of water to remove loose particles from between the teeth. In contrast to dental floss, which can damage the gums if used improperly, the oral irrigator allows for gentle cleaning, even in sensitive areas that are difficult to reach. The use of dental floss can also be perceived as unpleasant, while the oral irrigator is a simple and hygienic alternative. It optimally complements daily oral care and effectively helps to remove deposits and thus prevent the formation of dental plaque.

Buy an oral irrigator – for healthy gums

Scientific studies have shown that simply brushing your teeth with a toothbrush is often not enough to achieve optimal oral hygiene. For this reason, we have designed an efficient and mobile oral irrigator that removes food residue and coarse deposits from even hard-to-reach areas in the mouth. Thanks to the integrated battery, the device is wireless, ideal for on the go and therefore offers a significant advantage over a stationary oral irrigator. Our AQUADENT oral irrigator is an excellent alternative to conventional dental floss and contributes to healthy gums.

By the way: The electric oral irrigator from emmi-dent has a practical water tank that is simply filled up before use. This saves you the hassle of handling cables in your mouth. However, it is important that the water in the tank is replaced regularly and that the tank is also thoroughly cleaned again and again. This will prevent bacteria from collecting inside the case.

This is how the electric oral irrigator from emmi-dent works

Oral irrigators are available in various designs, from models that are connected directly to the tap and thus restrict freedom of movement through a water hose, to stationary oral irrigators with an external water tank, which are also limited in their handling. emmi-dent has recognized these challenges and developed an innovative solution: a practical, uncomplicated and effective oral irrigator. The emmi-dent electric oral irrigator is characterized by its wireless design, which allows unrestricted mobility throughout the entire oral cavity. Equipped with a generous water tank and an integrated battery, it offers maximum portability without annoying cables or hoses. Simply fill the tank with water and charge the battery - the device is ready to go. In addition, the emmi-dent oral irrigator is the ideal companion when traveling due to its compact size. The advantages of the emmi-dent oral irrigator: - Wireless for unrestricted freedom of movement - Compact design, perfect for traveling - 300ml water tank in the handpiece for easy refilling - Easy battery charging with USB-C (charge for 4 hours, use for 60 days) If you are looking for a product that seamlessly fits your lifestyle and your demands for careful dental care, the emmi-dent oral irrigator offers a tailor-made solution. Developed for users who value thorough and relaxed oral hygiene both at the start of the day and at the end of the evening, it sets new standards in tooth cleaning.

How do I use the emmi-dent oral irrigator?

The operation of the emmi-dent oral irrigator is uncomplicated and user-friendly. It is ideal to use in the morning and evening, in addition to brushing your teeth, to remove food residue and loose plaque. The device is also ideal for rinsing leftover food from between teeth after meals. When doing this, tilt slightly over the sink so that the water can drain away easily. Position the nozzle along the gum line and spaces and activate the oral irrigator. The water jet can be individually adjusted to ensure gentle cleaning even for sensitive gums.

The emmi-dent oral irrigator is recommended for anyone who attaches great importance to comprehensive oral care, especially for people with sensitive teeth, a tendency to pressure points on the palate or inflamed gums. It is also ideal for people with crowded teeth or spaces between teeth that are difficult to access and is therefore a valuable addition to daily dental care.

The oral irrigator also proves to be particularly advantageous for those who wear fixed braces or bridges, as the water jet effectively cleans hard-to-reach areas that conventional toothbrushes or dental floss have difficulty reaching. For people with braces, bridges, veneers or prostheses, the emmi-dent oral irrigator offers an optimal solution to thoroughly remove food residue and support oral hygiene.

Oral irrigator useful? We explain why!

The emmi-dent oral irrigator proves to be indispensable for comprehensive oral hygiene, in addition to daily dental care with a toothbrush. Designed to thoroughly and gently clean the spaces between teeth that are often neglected during traditional brushing, it surpasses the effectiveness of dental floss, especially on crowded teeth or hard-to-reach areas. Equipped with four cleaning modes - pulse, gentle, normal, and strong - as well as four nozzle attachments, the oral irrigator adapts to individual needs, although regular replacement of the nozzles every three months is recommended. The versatility of the emmi-dent oral irrigator is reflected in its ability to not only thoroughly remove food residue and plaque from between teeth, but also to meet special needs such as cleaning around braces and implants. It is an asset for people with sensitive gums by providing a gentle but thorough cleaning and thus avoiding gum problems. In addition, it supports the health of the gums by massaging that promotes blood circulation and contributes to fresh breath by effectively removing bacteria on the tongue. With the ability to clean periodontal pockets and effectively address plaque, the emmi-dent oral irrigator minimizes the risk of gum disease and tooth decay and is therefore a useful addition to the ultrasonic toothbrush to ensure optimal oral hygiene.