Ultrasonic Cleaning of Tools and Components

Good care and regular cleaning give your tools a long life with consistently high quality and functionality. Most likely, your toolbox has also been filled with different pliers, screwdrivers and numerous sockets over the years. Imagine what it would cost if you had to replace your entire tool collection at once, since the tools are no longer usable due to corrosion. You can prevent such an investment very efficiently by regularly cleaning and maintaining your tools. Why ultrasonic cleaning, which always guarantees clean tools, we explain in our blog post today.



Cleaning Tools with an Ultrasonic Device

Regular cleaning of your tools ensures durability with consistently high functionality. Use ultrasound to remove oil, grease and dirt particles from pliers, screwdrivers and sockets. Using our emmi®-deoxidation concentrate EM-100, you can not only clean your tools very efficiently, but also maintain them sustainably. Forget complicated and incredibly time-consuming tool cleaning with toothpicks and cotton swabs and avoid tool breakdowns. Tool cleaning in the ultrasonic bath is quick, thorough and without handling damage.

Place the tools to be cleaned in the basket of the ultrasonic device, provided for this purpose. Pre-treatment is not required. Choose the duration of cleaning according to the degree of contamination. Set the cleaning time and rinse the tools under running water after cleaning is complete. Dry your tools well to avoid rust deposits. You will be amazed at how clean your tools have become. There is no risk of mechanical damage. However, what we recommend is the subsequent application of corrosion protection. So tools generally work better. The surface structure is no longer so "dull". The corrosion protection applied and incorporated into the tools also prevents new deposits from forming.


Costs and Benefits: Cleaning Tools with Ultrasound

The benefits of ultrasonic tool cleaning clearly predominate. You not only save an enormous amount of time, but also costs. In addition, you invest only a fraction of your time versus if you were doing the cleaning by hand. Your tools are much more durable. The quality of your tools is also guaranteed over a much longer period of time. Since the cleaning of tools in an ultrasonic bath is much gentler than with chemical agents, there are no concerns about your health.

By the way, with an ultrasonic cleaner you can clean not only tools, but also screws, nuts and nails. It is also possible to clean molds and components. Depending on the size and condition, however, you should observe the manufacturer's instructions.





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