Cleaning Jewelry with Ultrasound

Chains, rings, bracelets and other jewelry can be ideally cleaned in an ultrasonic device and freed of fine dirt particles. The ultrasonic waves generated by the device can be used in particular to achieve filigree and convoluted points as well as engraving notches. This is hardly possible with conventional cleaning methods. Genuine jewelry made of silver, gold or other precious metals as well as platinum is predestined to be cleaned regularly in an ultrasonic device. What you should consider when cleaning jewelry with ultrasound? We explain in our blog post today. 




Cleaning Jewelry with an Ultrasonic Device

You can safely clean jewelry made of pure precious metal in an ultrasonic bath. In no case should you clean other pieces of jewelry with ultrasonic waves. These include, for example, real jewelry decorated with pearls or stones. Pearl necklaces, as well as jewelry made with pearl trim, can be destroyed by the vibrations emanating from ultrasound.

Even jewelry that has been designed with glued-in or glued-on decorative elements should not be cleaned with ultrasonic waves. The glue can peel off and even completely dissolve due to the fine vibrations of the ultrasound. Even high-quality jewelry, decorated with precious stones, must not be cleaned with ultrasound. The precious gemstones can be irrevocably damaged by the fine ultrasonic waves.

Similar to high-quality gemstones, it is also the case with lacquered jewelry and oiled stones. You should also not clean this type of jewelry with ultrasound


Cleaning Jewelry with Ultrasound, Important to Note!

If you want to clean your jewelry with an ultrasonic device, you should know about its nature. You should pay attention to the specifications already mentioned in order to avoid damage to your jewelry. If you are not sure, you should seek professional advice.

For cleaning jewelry in an ultrasonic device, you should use a suitable detergent. Not every cleaning additive is suitable for jewelry made of precious metal. You can also clean simple genuine jewelry without elaborate stone trim or filigree decoration by adding one to two drops of detergent in the ultrasonic device. Shine and cleanliness are also guaranteed. Do not forget to rinse the jewelry thoroughly after cleaning in the ultrasonic device to clean it of adhering dirt particles. Depending on the type of jewelry item, it may be necessary to polish the jewelry to shine after drying.





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