Cleaning Gun Parts with Ultrasound

Individual elements of weapons can be cleaned in an ultrasonic bath in a time-saving and hygienically clean manner. Of course, you should disassemble the gun before the cleaning process, so that the desired parts can be cleaned of dirt, dirt particles and even grease and oil residues. Although the cleaning of individual weapon parts in the ultrasonic bath gives very efficient results, you should only use the ultrasonic cleaning in doses. Why you should not clean your gun daily with ultrasonic waves and what to consider? We explain in our blog post today.




Cleaning Weapons with an Ultrasonic Device

The most important thing first: You should clean the elements of your gun regularly, but not every time with ultrasound. Weapon parts that are cleaned too often in an ultrasonic bath can warp due to the prevailing pressure of generated ultrasonic waves. Parts of your weapon that are particularly close to each other or even rub against each other can also move irreversibly.

The combination of a cleaning time adapted to the weapon and the right cleaning agent in conjunction with careful handling prevents individual parts from warping. It is best to follow the manufacturer's instructions or get advice from a specialist. Less, in this case, is much more efficient!


Cleaning Individual Gun Parts in an Ultrasonic Bath

If you know your shooting irons well and trust yourself, disassemble your weapon into its individual parts. Individual parts of your weapon can now be cleaned. For weapon cleaning with ultrasonic waves, it is important that you use the appropriate cleaning agent. It must be such that it effectively dissolves dirt particles. A special cleaning agent is ideal here, which you can also use for the other elements of your weapon. Cleaners for sleeves or ball bearings are often also suitable for cleaning individual weapon parts.

Dissolve coarse dirt in the first step. Only in the second step should you clean the individual parts of your shooting irons in the ultrasonic device. Once you have cleaned all weapon parts in the ultrasonic bath, rinse your weapon effortlessly under running water. In doing that, you release the last remnants of dirt that can still stick to the parts. In the next step, you need to let the parts of your weapon dry well. Once all parts are well dried, the greasing is done, the ultrasonic waves also release lubricating greases very efficiently. In the last step, you can reassemble your weapon.


Cleaning Gun Parts with Ultrasound, Important to Note!

If you clean individual parts of your gun with ultrasound, you must not forget to grease them sufficiently afterwards. If you forget the final greasing, your weapon can be damaged. Be aware that not every part of your weapon is suitable for cleaning in an ultrasonic bath. These particularly sensitive parts include, for example, all coated and painted weapon parts. Ultrasound also dissolves coatings and coatings. If you take into account all the points mentioned, you can clean your gun very efficiently and thoroughly with ultrasound.



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