Cleaning Coins with Ultrasound

You collect coins, but are regularly annoyed by the elaborate and time-consuming cleaning process? Your Euro coins are too dirty and you want them hygienically clean? Whether collecting passion or the desire for hygienic purity with an ultrasonic cleaning device you free coins quickly and easily from dirt, germs and even corrosion. Why does coin cleaning in an ultrasonic bath work so effectively? We explain in our blog post today.



Cleaning Coins with an Ultrasonic Device

If you prefer to see your coin collection or your Euro coins in your wallet shiny and hygienically clean, you can clean them easily and in a time-saving matter using an ultrasonic bath. Although there is a difference of opinion among coin collectors as to whether the treatment with ultrasonic waves is the right medium for cleaning, an ultrasonic bath can still act like a makeover for coins.

Doubters note in this context, however, that the patina of old pieces of money is "attacked" and detached by the bath in the ultrasound device. Not infrequently, the actual value of old coins lies in said patina. So if you have extraordinarily old and valuable coins, you should refrain from cleaning them in an ultrasonic bath. Otherwise, you can achieve an incredibly effective cleaning effect with the right cleaning concentrate. This should not attack the alloy of your coins. 


Ultrasonic Coin Cleaning

Coins are not only valuable, but also care-intensive and sensitive. When cleaning in an ultrasonic bath, it is important that the cleaning is carried out gently. Always use the right cleaning concentrate. Also make sure that your coins do not linger too long in the ultrasonic bath.

Depending on the size and nature of the coins, you can also do the cleaning individually coin by coin. With this procedure, you can reduce the cleaning time of individual coins enormously. After bathing in the ultrasonic device, the coins must be cleaned with clean water and then patted dry with a cloth. Do without the polishing process after the cleaning process in the ultrasonic device. You should also refrain from coarse rubbing for drying. As a result, unsightly streaks can form, which can no longer be removed. After an ultrasonic bath,coins shine again in their full glory and shine like new.


Cleaning Coins in an Ultrasonic Bath, Important to Note!

When cleaning coins with an ultrasonic device, it is important that you use the right cleaning concentrate. An average cleaning concentrate can attack the alloy of the coins, which also reduces the coin value. If you want to be on the safe side, you can put the coin in distilled and lime-free water and clean it without cleaning concentrate in the ultrasonic device.

If you want to clean many pieces of money at once, you should make sure that they do not lie on top of each other. Apart from the fact that the cleaning process of several coins takes a relatively long time, this procedure can damage your coins equally sustainably. The rework and drying of the coins also takes much more time. Keep in mind that each coin must be rinsed with clearideally distilled water, after which it must be completely dried. Therefore, no water stains may form on the coins, because water stains are difficult to remove from coins.



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