Gingivitis and Parodontitis

Mucosal inflammation: treatment with emmi-dent

A periodontal inflammation is an unpleasant situation. An ultrasonic toothbrush is an efficient way to reach bacteria located deep in your gum pockets. The alternative is a visit to the dentist who opens and cleans these gum pockets. Unfortunately, a small number of bacteria typically survive and the problem comes back regularly. When you regularly clean your teeth with emmi-dent, the bacteria is constantly reduced and the problem is literally attacked at the source. Inflammations fade away or are drastically reduced – normally within a few weeks. Your gum should appear visibly healthier. Through the increased oral hygiene it is harder to develop inflammation and bacteria will be removed. Discover the effective dental care with emmi-dent and your smile will thank you. 

Mucosal inflammation causes and their treatment

Gingivitis is an inflammation of the gum; periodontitis is a later stage which is associated with damage to the gum, jaw bone and tissues. If teeth are not cleaned properly, the buildup of plaque and calculus occurs. Plaque at the gum line causes the gums to become inflamed. A signal for it is gum bleeding while you are brushing. Gingivitis is the first phase which occurs. Bacteria reproduce and build pockets in the gum, upon which inflammation will occur within a couple of days. Periodontal pockets are an almost ideal breeding ground for bacteria and plaque to reproduce fast. The situation is getting worse and worse if nothing is done against the bacteria.


If the inflammation is not effectively treated during the first phase (gingivitis), it may get worse and move on into the next phase called periodontitis. The gum pockets grow into the deeper part of the jaw and at depth the bacteria can attack the jaw bone and surrounding fiber system. The result: Teeth might become loose and fall out. Periodontitis is still the main cause for the loss of teeth for adults. emmi-dent is the new protection against this widely-spread oral health issue. The ultrasound technology can prevent and help heal these diseases properly. 

The emmi-dent principle

To fight inflammation right where it develops a cleaning inside the mucosal pockets is necessary. To reach these difficult areas a special technique is required. The ultrasonic waves of emmi-dent brush will reach into the deepest part of the mucosa. This is possible through the ultrasound technology the emmi-dent brush offers. No normal bristles will have the possibility to clean the inside of the gum pocket. The 96 million oscillation per minute will also have a massaging effect on the gum. This effect will prevent bacteria from settling inside the pocket. The ultrasonic technology creates millions of nano bubbles which implode smallest particles on all surfaces. These nano bubbles are so small that they are able to eliminate the smallest particles in the crevices of the enamel. After just a few days, your teeth will be visibly whiter and you will enjoy a smoother feeling. 

emmi-dent and it’s therapeutic use

Not only prevention of periodontal inflammation, plaque and cavities are functions of the emmi-dent toothbrush. Also the long lasting oral hygiene and oral care is an important goal. An important factor of oral health is the condition of the gum. Through the bristle vibrations the blood flow of the gum will be activated to support the healing process of mucous tissue. Thereby existing injuries or inflammations such as periodontitis, aphthous ulcers, etc. have the opportunity to heal on their own. This effect is often visible after a few days. Convince yourself from the easy handling of the amazing ultrasonic effects this brush has to offer. 

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