Which toothpaste is right for me


Do you also regularly stand in front of the toothpaste shelf and don't know which toothpaste is right for you? Whether it's toothpaste with a whitening effect, of natural origin or with a particularly gentle formulation; they all promise protection against caries, natural whitening and protection of sensitive tooth necks. In the long run, factors such as abrasion, dental health and also discolouration play an important role in choosing the right toothpaste. In today's blog post, we explain which ingredients should be included in a good toothpaste and are indispensable for your teeth.

Fluoride acts against caries and ensures hard tooth enamel


The active ingredient fluoride is elementary for caries prophylaxis. It can return minerals to damaged teeth via their surface and thus makes them more resistant to harmful acids. Toothpastes with fluoride are particularly suitable for caries prophylaxis:

·        Amino fluoride

·        Tin fluoride or

·        Sodium fluoride. 

The combination of amine fluoride and stannous fluoride has antimicrobial properties in addition to caries prophylactic properties. Toothpastes with this combination of active ingredients even have an anti-plaque and anti-inflammatory effect.

Sensitive toothpaste for low abrasion


In addition to the formulation, abrasion also plays an important role in choosing the right toothpaste. Discolourations on teeth, such as those caused by coffee, tea, alcohol or cigarettes, can be removed by a toothpaste with abrasion. Surfactants and cleaning agents ensure that existing deposits are "scrubbed" from the teeth. Depending on the size and composition of the added cleaning agents, toothpastes have a different intensity of abrasion. 

While abrasion does not affect healthy teeth, teeth with exposed necks can be much more sensitive to this type of toothpaste. Sensitive toothpastes have very low abrasion to no abrasion at all.

Toothpastes with whitening effect


Toothpastes with a whitening effect suggest particularly healthy teeth and thorough dental care. On their packaging, you will often find the additives "extra" or "radiant". However, toothpastes with a whitening effect work with abrasion. Depending on the formulation, this can be strong or less strong. Just be aware that any whitening toothpaste can also put extra stress on your teeth.

Zinc-containing toothpaste only for adults

Toothpaste with zinc should only be used by adults. It is considered useful in commercial concentrations. In fact, it is scientifically proven that the trace element zinc is effective against bacteria and can thus protect against plaque. 

However, too much zinc can also have a negative effect. For example, zinc in too high a concentration leads to anaemia and nerve-related disorders. The immune system can also be disturbed by too much zinc.  






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