The interaction of teeth and body

If you feel unwell physically or health-wise, it may be because of your teeth. Did you know that your body is closely connected to your teeth? For example, if you have inflamed gums or broken teeth, it can weaken your immune system and make you more susceptible to many other diseases.

Maybe you also have the problem of grinding your teeth at night? You are not alone in this problem. Many people relieve tension at night by grinding their teeth. Unfortunately, your jaw is not so happy about it. In today's blog post, we explain what else you should know about the interaction between body and mind in relation to your dental health.


Pressure on the jaw due to stress

Your jaw is a real powerhouse. If you activate all your chewing muscles when you chew, you produce a biting force of about 80 kilograms. That is significantly more than the bite force of a wolf.

But your jaw is also sensitive. Especially when you are under stress or when pressure is put on your jaw by strain, tension can lead to severe pain. This pain often radiates into the head and neck area. So if you suffer from frequent pain in this area, it may come from your jaw.



Release tension for more health and well-being

Wf you grind your teeth at night and have headaches or neck pain during the day, various relaxation exercises for the jaw can help you. You'll be doing yourself good in more ways than one:


  • You reduce stress
  • You release tension in your jaw
  • You relax your tense body
  • You grind your teeth less
  • You can fall asleep better and sleep through the night.

But relaxation also means that you don't have to do countless exercises that may take up a lot of time. Just a few minutes a day are enough to massively increase your well-being in this area and significantly relieve your jaw. If you still have jaw pain and it lasts longer than 3 days, consult your dentist.

Taking care of your teeth is also taking care of your body

Brushing your teeth is part of your daily routine and keeps your teeth healthy. With mouthwash and dental floss, you also ensure that the areas that cannot be reached when brushing with your emmi®-dent ultrasonic toothbrush are clean. Bacteria and plaque therefore have little chance.

Even with optimised dental care, inflammation of the gums or caries can occur from time to time. Your dentist is the right person to talk to about this. Through regular check-ups, even small areas of damage can be quickly repaired before they can cause greater damage. You are making a very valuable contribution to your physical and mental health.


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