Teeth are team players

As you already know, a variety of physical and health complaints can be caused by diseased teeth and the associated temporomandibular joint. From headaches to sinus and ear conditions to back pain, teeth can be the cause of pain. Find out why teeth are team players in today's blog post.


Headaches and earaches due to diseased teeth

Anyone who suffers from headaches, earaches or tinnitus, for example, will rarely associate these symptoms with diseased teeth. It is not uncommon for diseased teeth or a diseased temporomandibular joint to cause pain in the surrounding tissue. Did you know that the human jaw joint is located directly in front of the ears? Pain that is triggered in this area can sometimes be very severe.

However, the jaw does not always have to be the cause of the actual problem. Wrong or too high fillings on the teeth can also be the cause of pain around the jaw joint, in the head or in the ears. Teeth that are in the wrong position, as is the case with misaligned teeth, or after tooth loss, can also be particularly painful.


Teeth grinding can overstrain the jaw joint

For example, if you grind your teeth at night or press your teeth together too much when you chew, this can also strain your jaw joint over time. Pressing too hard when chewing with your teeth can overstrain your jaw joint. This overstraining of the jaw region can ultimately make itself felt with the complaints already mentioned.

The overstraining always makes itself felt with pain that can radiate far into the surrounding body regions. However, the complaints can occur in very different ways. For example, both temporomandibular joints can be affected or only one side. Depending on which region is affected and how badly, this can affect the severity of the pain.

If you have frequent earaches, headaches, tinnitus or sinus problems, and other physical causes can be ruled out, we advise you to visit your dentist. Your dentist can easily tell from your teeth if your teeth are the cause of your symptoms. If this is the case, orthodontic treatment can follow and lead to freedom from symptoms.


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