Tartar removal - an important part of dental care

Have you ever noticed that a yellowish layer has formed on your teeth? This is tartar, and if left untreated it can become a real nuisance. Not only does it look unattractive, it can also lead to unpleasant bad breath and even gingivitis. But don't worry, tartar removal is a simple and important task that you can even do yourself or have your dentist do. In this article, we'll tell you all about professional tartar removal and how you can remove tartar yourself.


What is tartar and why does it occur?

Tartar is caused by a build-up of plaque, a sticky layer of bacteria that forms on our teeth. If these plaques, or deposits, are not removed, they can harden over time and become tartar.

The good news is that you can remove tartar yourself before it becomes a major problem and even rely on professional help from your dentist for a major build-up of tartar.


Professional teeth cleaning at the dentist

One way to remove tartar is to have your teeth professionally cleaned by your dentist. This is a thorough cleaning where your dentist uses special instruments to remove tartar from your teeth and polish your teeth. Professional tartar removal at the dentist is usually painless and takes about an hour.


How to remove tartar at home

However, you can also remove tartar at home if it hasn't hardened too much yet. To do this, you need a toothbrush with soft bristles, such as our emmi-dent ultrasonic toothbrush. Flossing can also be helpful if you want to remove tartar yourself.

Thoroughly clean your teeth twice a day to remove gross debris and plaque before it can harden into tartar. Also, floss or use ultrasonic technology to clean the spaces between your teeth. Plaque is particularly prevalent in these areas. With regular and continuous use of our emmi-dent ultrasonic toothbrush it can happen that the tartar dissolves by itself.


Special toothpastes and mouth rinses against tartar

There are also special toothpastes and mouth rinses that can help remove tartar. These products are often touted in connection with removing tartar through home remedies, but they contain certain enzymes and chemical compounds that can break down and remove plaque.
However, it is important to note that these tartar removing remedies should only be considered as a supplement to a thorough dental care routine and not as a substitute for professional dental cleaning. They should also not be considered as a home remedy for tartar.


Regular dental care helps prevent tartar build-up

For tartar, it is important to remove tartar to avoid problems like gingivitis and bad breath. You can remove tartar by:

  • brushing your teeth regularly,
  • the use of dental floss and
  • professional teeth cleaning at the dentist

remove. If you have further questions on the subject, you should consult your dentist. Your teeth will thank you!

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