Proper cleaning for braces

emmi®-dent toothbrush for braces

The special emmi-dent brush for braces safely cleans braces and brackets with ultrasound. The special arrangement of the bristles together with our specially formulated toothpaste which creates billions of nano bubbles, clean especially gentle where normal brushes have problems reaching. Dental diseases like caries can successfully be prevented through the ultrasound technology. Furthermore the oral hygiene is stabilized through a sustainable cleanliness. The effects of emmi-dent oral hygiene with ultrasound are noticeable after the first application. Your teeth feel as though they have just been professionally cleaned. 

The emmi-dent top piece for braces

Thanks to the special designed top piece for braces the emmi-dent brush is perfect for cleaning brackets and clamps. This way the cleaning process stays especially easy. A manual brush cannot reach this level of standard. High pressure scrubbing like with a manual brush is not necessary with the ultrasound technology. The difficult usage of dental floss is also not required. The great ultrasonic technology will reach into very small areas even inside the gum pockets. The special arrangement of the bristles show longer bristles are on both sides of the brush and shorter in the middle. This is a perfect fit for braces. Together with our specially formulated toothpaste which creates billions of nano bubbles, cleans away bacteria and leaves a perfectly clean result. Convince yourself in our online shop! 

The active principle our ultrasonic brush 

With the emmi-dent brush you avoid brushing your teeth with pressure. The big difference is additional ultrasound effect which cleans and removes bacteria near the edges and even underneath the brackets to prevent the deposition of small food particles and sugar from drinks. Normal toothbrushes cannot reach these areas because the wire and the bracket make it almost impossible to brush there. The ultimate advantage of ultrasound is that it reaches everywhere. The released nano bubbles create a perfect clean environment for bacteria not to live and grow. This way oral diseases or inflammation like caries, plaque or periodontitis can be successfully prevented and can enjoy a fresh and clean feeling. 

emmi-dent operates there where others stop

emmi-dent does not only help people with braces effective but also has a long lasting therapeutic effect which provides an excellent oral health. Our emmi-dent Ultrasonic toothbrush uses ultrasound. It works motionlessly, rather than mechanically, without friction or pressure and with a maximum of 96 million cycles per minute. Importantly, the RDA value of using emmi-dent with the nano bubble toothpaste is nearly ZERO. In addition to the micro-cleaning process it also helps healing already existing injuries faster. Discover the excellent therapeutic and antibacterial effects of our emmi-dent brush. 

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