News from the dental world - How digital tools are revolutionising dentistry

You've probably heard about the many benefits of digitalisation, including when it comes to healthcare. But have you ever thought about how it can also change dentistry?

In today's blog article, we will look at how digitalisation does not stop at dentistry. Today we look at electronic health records, telemedicine services and telehealth tools that are improving dentistry.


Electronic patient records - A more efficient way of managing data

One of the biggest challenges in dentistry is managing patient records. Previously, dentists and dental hygienists had to keep and store paper files, which took up both a lot of time and space.

With the introduction of electronic health records (EHR), dentists and dental hygienists can now manage all patient-related data, such as:

  • X-rays,
  • treatment notes and
  • medications


digitally and access them easily. This enables faster and more efficient data management and facilitates collaboration should several different treatment teams become active.


Telemedicine services - dental care on demand

Telemedicine services enable dentists and dental hygienists to examine and treat patients at a distance. Using video and audio conferencing, dentists can examine and consult patients in nursing homes or remote areas without the patients having to be physically present.

This can help ensure that patients who have difficulty seeing a dentist due to mobility issues or transport limitations can still access dental care. However, this form of first contact also promotes dental care for patients with anxiety, as they can hope to receive a professional opinion without a face-to-face visit.


Tele-health tools - simplifying dental care in the nursing home

Tele-health tools are digital applications that help you and other patients monitor their own health and care. For example, they can be used to help patients in a nursing home maintain their dental care routine.

Some tools also allow patients to receive daily dental care reminders, while others can send images of teeth and gums to a dentist for early detection of problems.

In summary, dentistry has made many advances in recent years. The use of digital tools such as electronic patient records, telemedicine services and tele-health tools are only the beginning of digitalisation within dentistry.

These and many other tools facilitate data management, allow dentists to examine and treat patients at a distance and enable elders to maintain their dental care routine. Through all these gadgets, dentistry becomes more efficient and patients have easier access to dental care.

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