Healthy oral flora can have a positive effect on chronic intestinal diseases

Healthy oral flora is not only important for your teeth, but can also be important for all other bodily functions. If your oral flora is disturbed, harmful bacteria can also lead to chronic intestinal diseases. In today's blog post, we explain how healthy oral flora can have a positive effect on chronic intestinal diseases.

Harmful bacteria promote diseases

A multitude of bacteria is quite normal in the mouth. But especially when teeth are not cared for, it is easy for harmful bacteria to proliferate in the oral flora. Harmful bacteria can promote inflammation. Inflammations of this kind are also known as periodontitis.
Even a simple inflammation of your gums can lead to a massive bacterial imbalance in your oral flora. The consequences of harmful oral flora can be quite serious. They can migrate from the mouth to the intestines and this can lead to serious illnesses.

Once the harmful bacteria from the oral flora have reached the intestine, this often leads to inflammation. It is then difficult to treat such complaints of intestinal disease, because the cause is rarely found in the mouth. It is not uncommon for a long treatment with medication and even surgery to be necessary.


Avoid intestinal diseases thanks to healthy oral flora

Any inflammation of the gums can significantly aggravate an already existing intestinal disease. This is possible due to the release of TH17 cells via the immune system. These cells can also reach the intestinal tract and have a negative effect on the existing intestinal disease.

If you are already suffering from an intestinal disease, it is important to maintain a healthy oral flora. This includes brushing your teeth twice a day. But your diet also has a big influence on your oral flora. If your oral flora is not healthy, you should have it treated by a dentist as soon as possible. If treated, an existing inflammation cannot get worse.

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