Does sunlight promote dental health?


Have you ever heard that sunlight, especially vitamin D, promotes dental health? Generally speaking, sunlight lifts your spirits in any case. Besides, the UV-B radiation of the sun stimulates the body's own vitamin D production. Why sunbathing in moderation is also good for your teeth, we explain in today's blog post.

Vitamin D can protect against tooth decay

The UV-B radiation contained in sunlight enables our body to produce vitamin D. And vitamin D is essential for the formation of strong teeth. And vitamin D is essential for the formation of strong teeth and bones. The positive effect of vitamin D has even been proven in numerous studies. Incidentally, it was also found that vitamin D strengthens tooth enamel.
As a result, both children and adults are significantly better protected against tooth decay if sufficient vitamin D can be produced by the body. The immune system is strengthened, which means that harmful caries bacteria can be better eliminated. Perhaps you were not aware of how important sunlight is for your teeth.

Sun on the skin also promotes healthy teeth

The sun vitamin D is not only able to eliminate cariogenic bacteria, but also ensures that your teeth benefit directly from an adequate vitamin D intake. Vitamin D is also able to supply your teeth with important minerals. Calcium and phosphorus are essential for strong tooth enamel.
To get a balanced dose of vitamin D, all you need is a walk in the countryside or a good book outdoors. This is quite enough for your body's vitamin D needs. Even in the shade or under cloudy skies, one hour outdoors is enough to get enough UV-B radiation






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