Discoloured, dull and rough? That's what teeth reveal!

As you know, dental care plays an important role in our lives and contributes significantly to our physical health. So it not only determines the morning and evening care routine in the bathroom, but also ensures well-being.

Teeth must always be cared for, we all know this sentence. In today's blog post, we explain what your teeth reveal about you.


Teeth and their different characteristics

Do you know what healthy teeth feel like and what makes them so special? Healthy teeth are white and give you a bright smile. Your teeth are painless and mostly straight. The spaces between your teeth are clean, thoroughly cleaned and the surface of your teeth feels very smooth when you brush over them.

If you have fillings, they are of high quality. Your gums are a healthy pink colour. However, despite good and regular care, your teeth can also become diseased. This raises the question of what you can do about it. Brushing your teeth with a simple toothbrush is often not enough.

Our emmi®-dent ultrasonic toothbrush does a good job here. It supports you ideally in your daily dental hygiene and cleans even hard-to-reach interdental spaces thoroughly and cleanly.


At what point do we speak of discoloured teeth?

Not everyone has naturally white teeth, because each person has their own tooth colour. This can change in the course of life and even become significantly darker. On the one hand, external influences can cause teeth to become darker, but the dentin can also have a lasting effect on the colour of the teeth. Your teeth may not be as attractive as they once were, but they can still be healthy. If there is no evidence of harmful bacteria, all is well.

However, if the discolouration on your teeth is caused by dirt, a rough surface is often the first sign. Unfortunately, rough teeth always indicate stubborn dirt and a developing cavity. If you notice rough or dull teeth, please go to the dentist immediately.

Another dental health issue is blunt teeth. A typical characteristic of blunt teeth is a furry feeling in the mouth or on the tongue. Unfortunately, certain foods, such as oxalic acid, promote the formation of blunt teeth. The surface of the teeth is simply attacked.


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