Cleanes and protects children's teeth

emmi®-dent the children's toothbrush

Brushing your teeth does not always have to be boring! With the emmi-dent ultrasonic brush the daily oral hygiene is made easy. Children just hold the brush to their teeth and no scrubbing is needed. This makes it easier for parents and children. It develops billions of microscopically small nano bubbles, which reach the smallest crevices between your child’s teeth. There is no pressure needed to remove harmful deposits such as plaque and tartar to have an excellent clean result. Cleaning with emmi-dent is fun! 

Ultrasonic in every age

The active principle is very simple. The air vibrations clean in all small areas such as interdental spaces or gum pockets. This is ideal for children. Difficult tasks like flossing and rinsing are now no longer needed or reduced. The special designed emmi-dent ultrasonic toothpaste is also very mild so the not totally developed sense of taste is not harmed. This paste creates billions of microscopic nano bubbles through the ultrasonic waves activated inside the head of the brush. These bubbles reach into the tiniest spaces between your teeth. This way parents can guarantee the oral health of their children. The smaller brush makes it easier for your kids to handle.

This way we protect children’s teeth

The head of our emmi-dent brush develops millions of microscopically small nano bubbles, which pervade even the smallest crevices between the teeth. This implosion of billions microscopic bubbles destroy harmful deposits such as plaque and tartar. Diseases like periodontitis and tartar will not develop. This antibacterial effect will prevent inflammation around teeth and also gum. No more cavities and horrible visits at the dentist. The antibacterial and therapeutic effects prevent cavities and seeing the dentist fun for children and parents! 

The Emmi-dent active principle

Our ultrasonic active principle is based on ultrasound technology. This is especially gentle and careful for milky teeth where no high pressure is needed for a perfectly clean result. The brush creates 96 million air oscillations per minute and transmits them via nano bubbles into the smallest crevices, supporting and enhancing the cleaning effect of ultrasound. This is an efficient way to reach bacteria located deep in your gum pockets. This way you prevent any diseased impact on the oral health of your child. The emmi-dent brush provides a healthy growth of your child’s permanent teeth. 

Daily prophylaxis made easy 

Not only does our ultrasonic emmi-dent brush provide for healthy permanent teeth but also protects the complete oral cavity with its sensitive mucous membrane. The soft vibration the brush sends out gives the gum a gentle massage. This massage can support the blood flow in the oral cavity which triggers the activation of the immune system. Small injuries like bites on the inside of the child’s cheek can heal on its own without any medication. Learn more about our huge assortment for every age. We offer you fitting brushes for children and adults. Encourage your child’s oral health and tooth development with the emmi-dent brush. 

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