Natural whitening with emmi-dent

White teeth aren’t just trendy they are also a symbol for healthy teeth and a beautiful smile. There are various method which offer a fast whitening result. For one there is the method of bleaching your teeth with hydrogen peroxide at the dental office. On the other hand some believe in normal bleaching toothpaste or in special chemicals you use overnight. Neither the less these methods contain aggressive chemicals and are time intense. Emmi-dent is a gentle way of bringing back the natural whiteness of your teeth without aggressive chemicals. Convince yourself with the gentle cleaning process the ultrasonic brush has to offer.

Gentle whitening

Emmi-dent emphasizes the especially gentle care of tooth surfaces. Thanks to the ultrasonic technology the teeth do not need a mechanical scrub. This way no gum inflammation, caries, periodontitis etc can develop. But the ultrasonic brush does not only act medically and prevents oral diseases it also whitens your teeth. This is how you can remove small colored particles such as coffee stains, nicotine or wine during you r daily dental cleaning. You will notice a visible difference after a short time. This is possible through the millions of nano bubble vibrations that work like a micro massage without injuring your tooth’s enamel. This is thanks to the active principle of the emmi-dent!

emmi-dent effects

The emmi-dent ultrasonic brush cleans your teeth motionless. This means there is no movement or pressure needed for a perfectly clean result. The actual cleaning process is done by the million nano bubbles released by the ultrasound vibration. These are able to reach every small area inside the oral cavity to implode all particles. Through this principle it is possible to clear out every particle inside the enamel that cause coloration. But not only does the emmi-dent clean the enamel it also acts inside the gum pockets. This prevents inflammation of the gum and reduces bacteria up to 12 mm inside the mucous tissue. Medically this offers a perfect clean surface which gives you back the natural white tone without using aggressive, harmful chemicals on your teeth.

For a perfect oral hygiene

The Emmi-dent brush does not only help you with a whitening smile but also offers a protection of your oral health in the entire oral cavity. The antibacterial effect of the ultrasonic technology also helps healing already existing inflammations and fights diseases such as periodontitis, aphthous ulcers, etc. Through the massaging effect of the nano bubbles the tissue activates its blood flow which supports the natural healing process. An improvement is often visible after a few days. Enjoy a perfect oral health with emmi-dent and discover a new method of gentle whitening with ultrasonic technology for a natural white smile. 

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