EM-070 500ml dental cleaner

emmi® EM-070 500ml dental cleaner

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  • Appropriate for cleaning of:

    • Prostheses and braces
    • Parts made of stainless steel, precious metals, porcelain, glass or plastic
    • Removes cement or gypsum residues

More information about the product emmi® EM-070 500ml dental cleaner

"EM-070 500ml dental cleaner"

EM-070 500ml dental cleaner
EM-070 intensifies the cleaning process as an additive in the ultrasonic bath. Effortlessly removes all impurities from dentures and braces. Also suitable for cleaning parts made of stainless steel, precious metals, porcelain, glass and plastic in an ultrasonic bath. Removal of cement and plaster residues is also possible.

1-2% EM-70 (reference to the capacity) for 3-10 min. to clean. After completion rinse thoroughly with water!

1 emmi® EM-070 dental cleaner - 500ml

  • Phosphoric acid
  • Alcohol ethoxylate C9-C11
  • 1-hydroxyethane-1
  • 1-diphosphonic acid
  • poly(oxy-1,2-ethanediyl)
  • Alpha-phosphono-omega-hydroxy
  • C12-14 alkyl ether
  • Dipotassium salt
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