EM-007 Special concentrate for weapon parts 500ml

emmi EM-007 Special concentrate for weapon parts 500ml

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Content: 500 ml (€50.26 / 1000 ml)

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    • intensifies the cleaning process
    • for the removal of smut as well as deposits from oil and grease
    • suitable for gun parts, sleeves, ball bearings, mounts, the gun stock as well as components made of stainless steel.

More information about the product emmi EM-007 Special concentrate for weapon parts 500ml

"EM-007 Special concentrate for weapon parts 500ml"

Suitable for:
Gun parts, sleeves, stainless steel parts, precious metals, sockets, ball bearings, brass, etc.

1-3% EM-007 (reference to the filling quantity) for 2-10 min. cleaning.


    specially developed for ultrasonic cleaning
    sustainably removes all impurities

- When used properly, a fast and material-friendly cleaning is guaranteed! -

 1x EM-007 Special concentrate for weapon parts 500ml

Amides, hydroxyethyl >10% and < 25%,
Amino-ethanol > 2.5% and < 10%,
Diethanolamine > 2.5% and < 10%.
Trisodium nitrilotriacetate > 2.5% and < 10%.

Labeling according to the Ordinance on Hazardous Substances:
R 37/38 Irritating to respiratory system and skin.
R 41 Risk of serious damage to eyes. S 24/25 Avoid contact
with eyes and skin.
S 26 In case of contact with eyes,
rinse thoroughly and seek medical advice.
S 2 Keep out of the reach of children.

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007-Safety Data Sheet-EM-007_DE-2zg2KMjdnPeWWS

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