emmi-dent Dental Floss - Pack of 5

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    • Slides easily between the teeth
    • Waxed, with fresh mint flavour

    emmi®-dent Dental Floss - For an even better dental cleaning and oral hygiene

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"Dental Floss - Pack of 5"

Reach for the emmi®-dent Dental floss to clean your interdental spaces thoroughly and effectively. Specially designed for gentle use of the interdental spaces to protect against gum problems - where conventional toothbrushes can not reach.
According to scientific studies, people around the age of 30 are particularly susceptible to the formation of caries in the interdental spaces. This is where plaque and food residues are preferentially deposited, which cannot be completely removed by a conventional toothbrush alone during daily oral hygiene. emmi®-dent Ultrasonic toothbrush. The acids formed by the plaque bacteria attack the tooth enamel. This damages the tooth and leads to the harmful caries.

Us the emmi®-dent Floss to thoroughly clean your interdental spaces.


  • 5x emmi®-dent Dental Floss - 50m
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