emmi®-dent Mouthwash

emmi®-dent emmi®-dent Mouthwash

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  • emmi®-dent Mouthwash – 500ml 

    Experience the freshness of emmi®-dent mouthwash. 
    Additional to your daily oral care use the new emmi®-dent mouthwash to protect teeth and gums optimal. 
    emmi®-dent Mouthwash for a perfect fresh oral hygiene.

More information about the product emmi®-dent emmi®-dent Mouthwash

"emmi®-dent Mouthwash"

emmi®-dent Mouthwater - 500 ml

Mode of Action:

  • emmi®-dent mouthwash prevents creation of new plaque
  • The ingredient thymol can reduce harmful bacteria on teeth, gum, tongue and in the complete oral cavity
  • Provides long lasting fresh breath
  • Preserves the natural oral flora
  • Contains 15% alcohol


  • Twice a day after emmi®-dent ultrasonic cleaning process
  • 15ml for every usage undiluted
  • Leave emmi®-dent mouthwash inside your mouth for at least 30 seconds. Pull the liquid through your interdental spaces
  • Do not swallow emmi®-dent mouthwash. Do not rinse your mouth with water afterwards
  • Is not suitable for children

The emmi®-dent mouthwash contains thymol. Thymol is an essential oil which is used for centuries to bring your body back into balance.

Important: If thymol, peppermint or another ingredient can cause an allergically reaction you should not use the emmi®-dent mouthwash.


  • 1 Bottle - 500ml (inkl. Dosierkappe)

Inhaltsstoffe emmi-dent Mundwasser:

  • AQUA – Wasser
  • ALCOHOL – Alkohol
  • GLYCERIN - Glycerol
  • MENTA PIPERITA OIL - Pfefferminzöl
  • THYMOL - Thymol
  • POTASSIUM ACESULFAME – Acesulfam-K (Süßstoff)
  • SODIUM BENZOATE – Natrium Benzoat
  • CITRIC ACID - Zitronensäure
  • CI 42090 - Farbstoff
  • CI 47005 - Farbstoff
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