Easy oral hygiene

Oral hygiene shouldn’t be a struggle. Daily tooth cleaning with the emmi-dent Ultrasonic brush guarantees an effective but mild dental care. Thanks to the motionless, gentle cleaning and whitening technique. The ultrasonic vibrations are able to penetrate teeth and gums destroying bacteria and germs where bristles can’t reach. These functions work without destroying dental enamel or gums. This way you protect your oral health by eliminating any cause of dental diseases and Inflammation.

Feel the difference! In comparison to other ways of oral hygiene you feel a perfect smooth and clean surface with your tongue.


Daily prophylaxis

Not only can you have a perfectly clean smile with our emmi-dent ultrasonic brush but can also take prophylactical care of your oral health. The antibacterial effect of the ultrasonic technology removes plaque easy and especially gentle. This way the development of tartar, bad breath or staining is impossible. Daily usage of the emmi-dent brush also prevents inflammation such as Periodontitis and aphthous ulcers. Visit our Website and read more about the advantages of the ultrasonic emmi-dent brush.


Ultrasonic brush for a flawless oral hygiene

Ultrasonic technology is a very easy technology. No intense scrubbing is needed! emmi-dent cleans in a very gentle way, due to the motionless technology. The cleaning effect is considerably better than that of macro-cleaning. Manual, electric and sonic toothbrushes clean only where the bristles reach and need to use abrasive toothpastes to work. In contrast, emmi-dent’s ultrasound cleans everywhere, even in areas dental floss cannot reach. emmi-dent Ultrasonic also breaks down bacteria, activates blood circulation in the gingiva and releases body energy a healing processes.


Dental cleaning with ultrasound-wave technology

The emmi-dent toothbrush operates by creating millions of nano bubbles (through our specially formulated nano bubbles toothpaste), which then implode food or drink particles. This endless process cleans out particles in the microscopic gabs of your enamel. Your natural tooth color will return and remain for as long as you use emmi-dent and our nano bubble toothpaste. Discolorations from small colored particles (e.g. from coffee, tea, nicotine and wine) are not eliminated by regular brushing or normal toothpaste. This technology is 100% natural and does not contain any harmful chemicals or has an abrasive effect on your teeth. However, our "nano bubbles", which are up to 1,000 times smaller than regular toothpaste bubbles, offer exclusive benefits. These nano bubbles are so small that they are able to eliminate the smallest particles in the crevices of the enamel. After just a few days, your teeth will be visibly whiter.


Therapeutic Effect

Our emmi-dent brush also offers a huge therapeutic effect. Thanks to 96 million cycles per minute bacteria has no chance to survive and diseases to break out.  Daily usage of the emmi-dent brush also prevents inflammation such as Periodontitis and aphthous ulcers. The effects of emmi-dent oral hygiene with ultrasound are noticeable after the first application. Your teeth feel as though they have just been professionally cleaned.