Superior Dental Hygiene with Ultrasound

Emmi-dent Ortho - made specially for braces!

The Emmi-dent Ortho is the brand new ultrasound toothbrush specifically designed for people who wear braces. The design of the new Ortho brush head differs from the regular Emmi-dent brush head, the middle row of the bristles is shorter so they touch the wire from the braces to clean them. Other bristles have been rearranged so they are positioned close to the brackets to optimize the cleaning power of ultrasound even underneath.
The Emmi-dent advantage of being able to clean your teeth without friction or motion is valuable for people wearing braces, because brushing around wires and brackets is next to impossible and not effective to clean teeth and braces.

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Ortho Starter Kit (Emmi-dent Handpiece plus 2 Ortho Brushheads, Charger 110 volts (50-60 cycles), 2.54 ounces (75 ml Nano-bubble Toothpaste)

Emmi-dent Ultrasound Toothbrush: Ultra Cleans and Brightens Your Teeth and Braces With 100% Ultrasonic Technology and the Power of up to 84 Million
Oscillations per Minute! Emmi-dent is the no-brushing toothbrush innovation that uses 100% ultrasound to clean your teeth, gums, and braces.

You may think Emmi-dent is just another electric toothbrush, but it's a superior cleaning system! Although sonic and electric toothbrushes are sometimes referred to as ultrasonic brushes, they only spin at about 30,000 mechanical rotations per minute and do not include an ultrasonic chip.

Emmi-dent generates ultrasound with a patented ultrasonic microchip that is embedded inside the brush head. This chip creates up to 84 million ultrasonic (air oscillations) impulses per minute and transmits them via the bristles and Nano-bubble toothpaste onto the teeth giving you a superior cleaning. The ultrasonic impulses are able to penetrate teeth and gums destroying bacteria and germs where bristles can’t reach. This is essential in reducing and protecting against periodontal (gum) disease and cavities. Specially formulated nano-bubbles are up to 1000x smaller and are able to reach between the teeth, into the smallest crevices, supporting and enhancing the cleaning effect of ultrasound – the ultrasound and the nano-bubbles also clean close by the brackets and even in the small gaps under the brackets. Nano-bubble cleaning removes plaque, tartar, food scraps and impurities plus protects against tooth decay under brackets.


  • Effectively breaks down bacteria on and in between teeth, gums and is effective into the gum pockets. This has been proven to dramatically reduce inflammation, bleeding gums and periodontitis. Cut your budget by reducing your need for mouthwash and dental floss!
  • Nano-bubbles and ultrasound remove everyday stains within a few days, no bleaching, strong chemicals or trips to a specialist are required. Restore your teeth to their youthful color in just days.
  • Emmi-dent cleaning leaves you with fresh breath for up to 12 hours!
  • Maximum cleaning without the need to brush, avoiding damage to enamel and irritation of your gums: Perfect cleaning if your gums are receded or if you experience pain while brushing with a regular toothbrush. • Visit your dentist with a smile. Many common dental problems vanish using Emmi-dent, making your next trip to your dentist a pleasure. • Ideal for kids who hate brushing their teeth. Just hold the unit close to the teeth and they get clean!
  • Great for people with implants, crowns, bridges, and veneers. People who wear braces will also benefit from the advantages of being able to break down bacteria under the brackets and wires.
  • Proven technology in Europe since 2009. Join tens of thousands of happy patients who use Emmi-dent Ultrasonic! 12 months warranty
Remains of food particles or liquids near or even under the brackets are a great hide out for bacteria and lead to cavities and discoloration of the tooth enamel over time. Using the Emmi-dent Ortho keep your their teeth clean, protected and healthy. Motionless cleaning also helps to prevent brackets from becoming dislodged which results in frequent visits to the orthodontist. Emmi-dent Ortho has been clinically approved in universities, Kids and Adults will love it instantly because it's very comfortable to maintain a good oral care for the period of having braces!

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